Designing navigation for the built environment

Nicholas Hawksworth - Wayfinding Consultants Ltd define, develop and deliver solutions that help people find their way around buildings and landscapes.

Since 1999 we have been helping companies and organisations throughout the UK develop the way they connect and communicate with their visitors by:

  • developing core brand and building identities
  • enhancing the sense of arrival and place making
  • designing clear and informative sign systems
  • designing maps, journey planners, printed, digital and verbal communications
  • developing lighting, artwork, furniture and decorating schemes
  • developing user centred web sites and digital information

Comprehensive wayfinding solutions

We have an excellent history of collaborative working with clients, architects and project managers, leading to the development and successful delivery of many prestigious wayfinding and sign schemes.

Our wayfinding, maps, identity and web projects follow 3 main stages from initial concept through to delivery and 'in-use' analysis.

We have delivered wayfinding solutions for a diverse client list including The University of Cambridge, NHS Trusts, National Express, Edinburgh Royal School for the Blind, Bovis Lend Lease, Castle Howard and many many more...

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