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Since 1999, we’ve been creating clear, joined-up wayfinding systems that enhance brand and engage visitors.

About Wayfinding Consultants

Based in Cambridge, UK and established in 1999, Wayfinding Consultants Ltd helps companies and organisations connect and communicate with people. Our wayfinding schemes guide and inform millions in city centres, transport hubs, educational institutions, hospitals, historic buildings, museums and galleries across the UK.

Our process

Analysis of the way environments are used and how you want them to be used, auditing of spaces and routes, listening to staff and visitors, provides a sound basis for developing the wayfinding strategy and solutions. We project manage the delivery of wayfinding schemes, overseeing manufacture, supply, installation and managing defect procedures. Once implemented, we analyse schemes for effectiveness and continue working with clients as usage develops.

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Our services

Our wayfinding solutions include sign systems, maps, journey planners, digital, printed and verbal communications, but they don’t stop at getting people from A to B. Our work develops brand, builds identity and encourages engagement.

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