Clear, informative wayfinding schemes

We develop clear, informative wayfinding systems that enhance both brand and usability of environments across a wide range of formats and media.

Effectively encourage and control the way people navigate

We develop wayfinding systems that help people to navigate locations by greeting, explaining and directing. Using expert environmental and behavioural analysis we create sympathetic design schemes that employ signage, maps, landmarks, written and verbal information that effectively encourages and controls the way people navigate.

Enhance usability, reinforce identity

We develop clear, informative wayfinding systems that enhance brand and the usability of environments.

Our wayfinding systems help in:

  • developing core brand and building identities
  • enhancing the sense of arrival and place-making
  • designing clear and informative sign systems
  • designing maps, journey planners, printed, digital and verbal communications
  • developing lighting, artwork, furniture and decorating schemes
  • encourage people onward to their destination from the first instance they decide to make a journey
  • enable choice in a controlled manner.

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Our process — define, develop, deliver

The success of our schemes is based on our researching the way environments are used and how you want them to be used — auditing routes, listening to staff and visitor’s impressions to develop a usability profile. From our research we have a sound basis to begin developing a wayfinding scheme.

Our projects are made up of 3 distinct stages. First, we define the issues, then develop the strategy and solutions to the problems, lastly we project manage delivery of the items which make up the wayfinding strategy.

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