Identity, print and web design services

We help organisations building identity and develop branded materials and information design for users, whatever their location.

Identity, print and other communication tools

Printed and digital leaflets, brochures, stationery and instructions are critical tools for providing a platform which expresses the values of an organisation. They provide the foundation for marketing, promotion and sales drives, as well as communicating information about an organisations location and layout.

Over the years our printed design work has evolved from developing ‘how to get there’ documents, to creating whole brand concepts that re-defined organisations. We have helped many organisations develop their brand styling, including Cambridge University Centre, Blue Fitness Gyms, National Express, Downing College and Childerley Hall.

We can incorporate your existing identity into new printed and digital documents, or refresh, develop and implement new styling across your organisation.

Website design and development

Traditionally we have been involved in providing clear, intuitive information to help web developers present ‘contact’ and ‘thow-to-get-here’ information on websites for organisations where we were providing physical wayfinding projects for. As with our identity and print design, our web and web applications offer has evolved to providing full design, development and implementation, from initial concept to go-live.

Usability for website visitors and editors

When we design a website we analyse the target visitor. We then devise appropriate site navigation and usability so users can easily find the information they require.We also provide CMS (Content Management System) and train staff to input and amend copy and images. We understand communication and how important it is to build a user-friendly site for site visitors, but also for your staff to use, enhancing understanding and expectations for all.

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