Aiding visitors with a considered wayfinding scheme for Trinity Hall’s new development

Our wayfinding scheme aids visitors to historic Trinity Hall’s development with considerate wayfinding design that compliments its environment.

An ambitious development for one of Cambridge’s oldest colleges

Trinity Hall embarked on an ambitious development project at their Wychfield site. Designed by RH Partners and built by AMEC, the new site transformed the old ‘Wych Elm field’ into a prestigious set of contemporary buildings paying homage to the strong arts and crafts style Lutyens and Voysey buildings in the immediate area.

We were appointed by Davis Langdon LLP and Trinity Hall to develop a scheme to label and direct students, visiting lecturers and conference guests to and within the new buildings, around the gardens, and between the 3 main sites which make up Trinity Hall.

Defining issues, developing strategies

We consulted many College committee members, Porters, the Bursar, Master and student bodies, resulting in the development of a traditional, elegant maps and signs scheme, underpinned by a comprehensive court naming and stair/room numbering strategy. Local stone carver Lida Kindersley was commissioned to produce waymarkers and a journey was devised of 2006 metres between Central and Wychfield sites to commemorate Wychfield’s opening in 2006.

Aiding visitors to the college’s gardens

One of the most important aspects of Trinity Hall are its gardens, and considerate monoliths were designed with clear maps orientated to the viewer, providing information on where you can (and can’t) go. Throughout the year visitors and members of the public can explore the site using these wayfinding aids.

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