What is wayfinding?

Wayfinding systems encourage and control the way people navigate to and back from destinations. Nicholas Hawksworth Wayfinding Consultants Ltd define, develop and deliver wayfinding systems.

The implementation of a good wayfinding system helps people to navigate a location by greeting, explaining and directing, using pre-determined methods, including signs, maps, landmarks and written/verbal information.

Wayfinding systems include:

  • developing core brand and building identities
  • enhancing the sense of arrival and place-making
  • designing clear and informative sign systems
  • designing maps, journey planners, printed, digital and verbal communications
  • developing lighting, artwork, furniture and decorating schemes
  • encourage people onward to their destination from the first instance they decide to make a journey
  • enable choice in a controlled manner

Signs are a major element in wayfinding. They are most successful when integrated with architecture, lighting, landscaping and interior design.

We develop logical, clear and joined up systems which enhance an organisation's brand and usability.

Define – develop – deliver

A wayfinding project can be broken down into three distinct stages. We first define, then develop, and lastly deliver wayfinding solutions specific to each environment.

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