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  • NHS Maps

    We have developed many maps and plans for origanisations, but few as importatnt as providing clear, informative and quick-to-understand maps for patients finding clinics.

    NHS Trust hospitals are often very hard to navigate. Broomfield in Essex are using many methods to tackle this problem. Quick-to-understand maps being one of them.

    Call or email for more information.

  • The Marque

    Work begins on a tight schedule to develop a wayfinding scheme for new landmark luxury flats.

    The turn around time is pretty tight, but we are building upon a nice brand developed by London design acency me&dave. Interesting name...

    The first tenants move in at the end of Febuary.

  • University of Cambridge Old Schools

    Courts and compasses

    After being granted Listed Building Consent by Cambridge City Council, we are commencing with the detailed development of a wayfinding strategy for the Grade 1 Listed Buildings at the University of Cambridge.

    The scheme is interesting as it is primarily aimed at helping staff and contractors to find their way through the maze of gothic courts and corridors.

    To help with this, the scheme uses compass points. Although abstract (you do no know where north is) they offer the user differentiation and a sort of 'clustering' of rooms e.g Cobble Court North, East Room.

    This simple clustering or zoning, is often used in arranging large floors of rooms and corridors, and was used to gresat effect in our work at the BSF projects last year.

    The project development and detailed artworking is neasrly complete, and will be put to tender in January 2013.

    Contact us.

  • University of Bedfordshire project awarded

    The year is off to a good start with our appointment to develop a wayfinding scheme for the University of Bedfordshire.

    Beginning with the development of a pilot scheme, our work will see us develop a scheme to unite the two campuses which make up the University – Luton, and Bedford. The project starts with a research and analysis process being carried out in February which will provide insight into the users profiles and usability problems experienced by students, staff and visitors.

  • Castle Howard revisited

    In 2004 we were awarded work to develop a complete map and wayfinding scheme for Castle Howard, York. That was (in 2004) our largest and most complex scheme, which we were very very proud of. Six years later I revisited the scheme to survey amend the maps used within Ray Wood. This gave an opportunity to look at the scheme, which is standing up well, and looks well used.

    My main comment is the quality of digital printing back then. Not a patch on current technology, and clearly struggling with UV and sticky fingers. Also, our design and typography, which six years on still looks good - but to my critical eye, some our signs have pretty naïve layouts… six years ago Peter Andre was a national hero though!

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