A comprehensive sign, maps and integrated wall finishes scheme for a historic institution

Our development of a comprehensive, building-wide wayfinding scheme encourages understanding of the environment, promotes engagement and use of facilities.

An opportunity for communication and engagement

We won the tender to develop a comprehensive, building-wide wayfinding scheme to combine existing buildings and areas with the creation of a new conservatory by Panter Hudspith architects. The scheme provided an opportunity to encourage the understanding of the different facilitites the King's Fund had to offer; information centre, café, restaurant, and members lounge, as well as a desire to communicate the rich history of the building and Fund ethos to visitors.

Analysis, concept design and project delivery

Following analysis of the buildings uses, we provided a concept design for a visitor journey to communicate the theory and scheme aesthetics. This was met with approval, and led to the detailed development of a complete sign, maps and integrated wall finishes scheme along with the redesign of lighting, furniture, carpets and furnishings with Tim Marshall Interior Design. The scheme — consisting of over 200 signs and wayfinding tools — was delivered on time, and the building was opened by Prince Charles in March 2009.

Easier to find your way around

Client representative at the Fund, Saul Harris, had this to say:

The building looks stunning and the wayfinding project has made a big contribution to the overall understanding of the buildings (as well as make it easier to find your way round!). We definitely made the right decision to go with your modern but fitting proposal.

Ongoing work has seen our involvement with the new King’s Fund brochure and provision of information to assist maintenance programmes in the future.

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