Wayfinding scheme and sign design for Building Schools for the Future (BSF)

A strategy document lays groundwork and initiates wayfinding and sign design for school building investment project.

Developing a wayfinding strategy for BSF schools

We were contacted by Bovis Lend Lease and invited to tender for provision of a BSF wayfinding strategy document and wayfinding schemes for 2 sample schools — Stockland Green Technology College and Holte, Mayfield and Lozells combined HML Campus — all in Birmingham.

Defining project objectives and constraints

Following the award of the contract, we embarked on a process of defining the objectives and constraints of the 2 projects. The research provided the foundation for the development of an overarching core strategy document, setting out the objectives for wayfinding and sign design for all BSF schools.


Building on the core strategy, the 2 projects include close collaboration with Bovis Lend Lease, FIRA, Alsop Architects, Archial Architects and Birmingham City Council, and will see us provide an external and internal direction, label, numbering, map and information system delivered through innovative, robust and cost effective signs and features.

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